How to get a smart meter for your small business

Step 1: Book an appointment

Log into MyAccount to book your appointmentat a time and date that suits you best - we've got out of hours appointments too.

Step 2: Have your business energy monitor installed

On the day of yourinstallation appointmentour installer will arrive and replace your old meters with a new smart meter. This takes about an hour for each meter.

Step 3: Get smart with your energy

Now you've got your smart meter you canlog into MyAccount to keep an eye on your energy,set budgets and get a smart meter estimated bill.

Get a smart meter today

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We have out of hours slots to work around your business needs

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You can also call0333 200 5104(1)to book an appointment.

Why get a smart meter for your small business?

There are three main reasons to get a smart meter:

1. Save time and hassle

You smart meter will send readings automatically(2), so you can get on with running your business.

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2. Keep an eye on costs

See the energy your business is using and costs in real-time, to help you budget and reduce energy waste.Read our experts tips on energy efficiency.

3. Have a more sustainable business

Make changes to reduce your business's carbon footprint.

How we install your small businesses smart meter

Can't find an appointment today? Simply come back tomorrow as we update them daily.

We've put new smart meter installation procedures in place for everyone's safety. Our installers will;

  • wear surgical masks whilst they're inside your business premises
  • adhere to strict hygiene measures
  • ask you to stay at a safe distance whilst they install your smart meter. Where appropriate they'll ask you to stay in another room during the install
  • ask if you and the people on your property wear face masks if you're in the same room as them

How we're installing smart meters safely video transcript (PDF 205KB).

Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice

The Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) is a set of rules and standards to be followed when installing a new smart meter. It's been designed to make sure that any small business energy customers getting a smart meter installed can depend on a high standard of service at all times. You canview the details of what this covers.

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New ways to save energy

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