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Why generate your own power?

More and more businesses are tapping into natural resources, like wind, solar and biomass, or waste that once went to landfill to generate electricity, and with very good reason. Just some of the benefits of becoming an electricity generator include:

  • New revenues – by getting paid for the electricity you export to the grid and the associated renewable energy certificates
  • Lower electricity costs – by reducing your exposure to both volatile wholesale energy prices and rising delivery charges
  • Reduced carbon emissions and improved sustainability reporting with a lower carbon electricity supply than the standard grid mix
  • Improved operational resilience – with less reliance on electricity imported from the grid

How to sell your energy

如果你从可鄙的人产生能量ines, solar or other means and want to sell it – you must have a power purchase agreement (PPA) in place. There are different PPAs and renewable energy certificates, so it’s important you choose the right one for your business.

Take a look at our infographic: How PPAs work.

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So, what are you waiting for?

What you need you to know before selling

How to sell the energy you produce

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) enable businesses generating their own electricity to sell that electricity and the associated renewable energy certificates.

How to pick the right agreement

There are various renewable energy certificates and incentive schemes. Understanding these will help you decide which PPA is best for your business.

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Learn the basics about Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), renewable energy certificates and investment cases.


Get it right with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), renewable energy certificates and investment cases.


Exploring more possibilities with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and hedging strategies.

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