Helping Britain's Businesses and Public Sector achieve Net Zero

By continuously investing in and enabling access to zero carbon energy and technology, we are here to support your journey to Net Zero

Integrated solutions on your road to Net Zero

There are a number of different solutions you can use to reduce the carbon footprint of your business.
And each of these work together to play their part in helping you achieve Net Zero.

We're Britain's biggest generator ofZero Carbon Electricity >

  • Zero Carbon for Business
  • Renewable for Business
  • Select Renewable
  • Corporate PPAs

Simplify and enhance energy monitoring through EDF's end-to-endMetering Solutions >

  • 计融资,英斯达llation and maintenance
  • Half-hourly and AMR metering
  • Optimise metering strategy
  • Tailored submetering
  • Portfolio management and reporting

Developing newRenewable Generation >

  • Generate your own energy with solar PV
  • Reduce costs and increase resilience
  • Financing, installation, operation and maintenance

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)suitable for any generation source >

  • Working with partners and generators of all sizes
  • Wide range of contract structures to suit your requirements

市场领先的解决方案,以支持您的过渡e-mobility >

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging options to meet your business needs
  • Consultation, feasibility, installation, maintenance and supply

AccessCarbon Offsettingto help meet your carbon strategy and obligations >

  • 抵消碳足迹
  • A broad range of projects to meet your strategic priorities

There's never been a more urgent time to start your Net Zero journey


Case Studies

Learn from real business examples how you can make steps towards achieving Net Zero

Read how our partners helped Tesco to utilise the un-used roof space at their stores to generate their own renewable electricity.

Facing their challenge head on, SFRS chose to tackle their two largest sources of emissions:

  • the energy used to power its buildings portfolio
  • and large fleet of emergency vehicles.


EDF has worked with Tesco and their advisors to deliver a corporate PPA structure which supports the delivery of new renewable generation projects.