Guide to smart and AMR metering

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Smart (SMETS2) and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meters are available for non-domestic customers with the Profile Class 1 – 4.

These meter technologies are introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.

If you are classified as a non-microbusiness(1), you are able to choose between having an AMR meter and a smart meter.

As a non-domestic consumer, if your supply at a premise is CT metered (with a current transformer), then you are unable to have a smart meter installed at that site. The supply will need an AMR meter instead.

While there are some similar benefits associated with each, there are also some key differences.

What a new AMR meter or a smart SMETS2 meter will help to provide

  • AMR and SMETS 2 meters have the capability to record and store profile (Half Hourly) and polled (Monthly Read) data
  • Both offer the potential to end estimated bills, no meter readers or estimating energy use
  • Both can remain fully working following a change of supplier
  • 能源产业提供所需的数据y to make more informed long term investment decisions which could save customers money and reduce CO2 emissions

By choosing an AMR meter

  • AMR metering is available for CT metered supplies as well as whole current metered supplies.
  • You will be able to select your preferred AMR meter operator and data collector (MOP/DC/DA) and agree with them how and when you receive profile data. We provide AMR meter services to energy customers of all suppliers and provide a project managed service for installation.
  • If you already have AMR or half-hourly metering at other premises, then selecting AMR metering will allow you to have your portfolio of meters supported by the same meter and data provider, including your AMR and Half-hourly settlement meters and sub-meters.

By choosing a smart SMETS2 meter

  • The meter has the potential in future to connect directly to smart products within the premise
  • There is no need for you to agree a separate MOP contract
  • With a smart SMETS 2 meter, the polled data is provided as standard and used for billing, whereas profile data may be accessed on an ad hoc basis.

Interested in having an AMR meter installed?

If you’d like your current non half hourly (profile class 1 – 4) meter to be replaced with a new AMR meter, please contact us by sending us an email

Interested in having a smart meter installed?

If you’d like to register your interest in having a smart SMETS2 meter, please let us know byraising a queryvia MyBusiness (selecting ‘Registering your interest in Smart’) and we'll get in touch as soon as we start installing in your area and for your meter type.