Get help with your prepayment energy meter top-up

How to top up your pay as you go electric or gas meter, what to do if you've lost your key or card, help if you can't top up, plus more.

What is a prepayment meter?


Help and support with your prepayment meter, card or key

EDF key and card to top-up a Pay As You Go prepayment meter

How to top up my electric or gas meter?

You can do an electric top-up or a gas top-up at more than 50,000 locations around the UK. Most are open 7 days a week. If you can't leave your home to top up, please ask a friend or a family member to do it for you.

Find a shop near you where you can top up:


To top up electricity or gas online you'll need toupgrade to a smart Pay As You Go meter。那么你可以:

How does electric key top-up and gas card top-up work?


Once you’ve topped up, slot your card or key into the prepayment meter. Your meter will show how much money is left and how much energy you’ve used. Your card or key only works with your meter.

What can I do if I can't top up my energy card or key?

If your meter runs low you will hear a warning 'bleep' sound. Put your card or key into the meter to useemergency credit。Only use emergency credit if you really need to.

If you have any problems topping up phone 0333 200 5110(1)Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

What happens if I run out of credit, or forget to top up my meter?



How can I get a new electric key or card, if it has been lost or damaged?

If you lose or damage your electric card or key please phone0333 200 5110.(1)Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

How much can I top up in one go and how much money can my meter hold?

You can add up to £49 to your key or card every time you top up. Your electricity meter holds up to £249. Your gas meters holds up to £999.

Help with your tariff, bills, debt and more


前往我的accountto see if you can switch to a different tariff. Once the switch is confirmed, your new tariff prices will show on your meter when you top up and insert your key or card.

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